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MLA is not only a citation style but a formatting method. Students usually like MLA style because they find it easier and the length of the first page relatively shorter. MLA stands for Modern Language Association. As its name indicates, it is usually used in social sciences, literature, and linguistics. 

I have always liked MLA style for its ease and simplicity. I felt extra happy when I had to write my essay in MLA style and I am feeling happy even when I am writing this post about MLA format. MLA format gave me extra confidence whenever I had to write in MLA format and can hire an essay writer


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First of all, to begin writing with an MLA-style paper you need to add the header. The header includes your last name and page number on the top right corner of your page. The header is consistent throughout the length of your paper and it has to be in Times New Roman, font size 12. You are not required to make a separate title page in MLA format unless you are asked by your instructor to add one. In MLA format we do not even write an abstract for our paper like in APA or Chicago Manual of style.


As MLA style is very simple and easy you will like it as much as I do, once you begin working with it. If you still find it difficult, you may get some work done from an essay writer service in MLA format.  You can use it as a guideline till you get comfortable with the MLA format. In the MLA format, you start writing your paper from the first page. In the top left corner of your first page, you add your name, instructor’s name, course details, and date.  This consumes some 4 lines of your first page which makes it shorter for a word count and this is the reason it is liked by students.


The title in MLA format is centered, not bold or italicized but main words are capitalized. Paper in MLA format is written in double space and all the paragraphs are indented. The in-text citations include only the last name of the author but when you quote directly from a source you need to add a page number as well, alongside the last name of the author. 


Level one headings in MLA format are flushed left and bold. Level two headings in MLA format are flushed left and italicized. Level three headings are centered and bold. References in MLA format are titled Works Cited. The heading for Works Cited is bold and flushed left. References are arranged in alphabetical order. The last name of the author is followed by his first name separated by a comma. Each entry is separated by a full stop. Book titles are italicized while those of journals are enclosed in inverted commas.


The book name in the reference list is followed by the place of publisher and the name of the publisher, the two are separated from each other using a comma and after adding another comma, the year of publication is added. Once you have finished your entries for reference you add a full-stop at the end. The journal name and volume number are italicized while the year of publication is added in parenthesis. The year of publication is added within/along with the journal name so it too is italicized and it is followed by the range of page numbers that indicates the article that you have used. The page range is separated from the year of publication by a colon. If you have used an online source you are supposed to add its URL as well and get the best essay writing service


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